Take the Shot or Get Clawed. Play the Ultimate Photography Game of Risky Encounters!

Have your chance to Master the Wild in 'Foto' - A heart pounding photography game that is equally beautiful as it is terrifying! Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey of perilous encounters into the heart of untamed nature. 

 As a wildlife paparazzi, your trusty camera will be your only defence against dangerous creatures, so tread carefully and strive to survive as you pursue the ultimate 'Foto'. 

This gripping game was meticulously crafted by the talented team at 'The Little Guys Collective' as their ambitious project for the second year of the Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development at AIE. The dedicated team of six used Unreal Engine 4.27, they poured their passion into creating this immersive experience over a span of 12 intense weeks. 

We wanted to create a game in which people could express themselves creatively, we thought that a photography game would allow that.” Said Cosmo Galzinnis, Game play designer, sound designer and composer for ‘Foto’. 

One of the remarkable aspects of developing 'Foto' at AIE was the access the team had to a diverse group of talented designers, artists, and programmers. Galzinnis highlighted the significance of this collaborative environment, stating, "This feedback informed our design decisions and iterations throughout the whole project.". 

Galzinnis reflected on the game development experience and any lessons learnt in the process, stating, "Definitely! I was constantly learning and practicing both soft and hard skills. Every day presented new design challenges that we had to overcome." The iterative nature of game development allowed the team to refine their ideas, learn from mistakes, and evolve their understanding of effective game design principles. 

The other innovative game developers include Alexander Martins (AI Designer, Level Designer, Gameplay Designer), Hamish Redpath (Technical Designer, System Designer, UI Designer, Gameplay Designer), Antonio Kovacevic (Animation, Rigging, UI Artist, Branding) Kieran Osvald (Character Artist, Art Director, Concept Artist) Lachie Steere (Technical Artist, Environment Artist, Prop Artist). 

Welcome to the untamed beauty of the Slovakian wildlands, where mysteries abound and the line between curiosity and danger blurs. In the captivating world of Foto, a first-person photography game, you are the intrepid explorer with a camera in hand, ready to capture breathtaking shots of elusive creatures. But be warned: the wildlands hold their secrets close, and the path to that perfect shot is paved with peril. Venture forth at your own risk, for the creatures that roam these untamed realms are not inclined to greet you with open arms. In Foto, every click of the shutter may unveil astonishing wonders or trigger a heart-pounding encounter.  

Exciting rewards await the most daring photographer, Are you prepared to risk it all and immerse yourself in a thrilling photographic odyssey?  

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