AIE takes delivery of PlayStation 4 development kits

AIE students will be able to sharpen their PlayStation 4 skills following the arrival of PS4 development kits at our Australian campuses.


The Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide campuses will each receive a PS4 dev kit, granting students a crucial advantage in their preparation to join the industry.


"The benefit of students having access to development hardware means students can hit the ground running when they join studios doing console development,” says Conan Bourke, head of programming at AIE’s Sydney campus.


“In addition, students wishing to pursue a career as an independent games developer will have the experience needed to target console platforms in addition to PC and mobile. This gives AIE students an edge on the competition within the Australian sector."


The arrival of PS4 dev kits further strengthens the collaboration between AIE, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Worldwide Studios forged two years ago when AIE came on board as the first Australian participant in the PlayStation First Academic Partnership Programme.


Students will be able to use Unity and Unreal Engine 4 to develop games for Sony’s console.


“Our strong ties with Australian independent publisher Nnooo mean student groups have the potential to publish their projects onto the PlayStation Store with the support of experienced developers," adds Conan.