AIE has scholarships for eligible learners in AIE's Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs.

AIE offers merit-based and financial hardship scholarships to support learners with specific needs and disadvantages.

  1. Prospective learners may apply for a scholarship prior to being accepted into the program. To be eligible to receive a scholarship, applicants will need to meet the entry requirements, progress through the admissions process and enrol into the program.
  2. Learners receiving scholarships may choose to receive the awarded amount as a cash bursary or used towards their tuition fees.
  3. Learners receiving scholarships are required to meet satisfactory attendance and satisfactory academic progress to maintain eligibility.
  4. AIE does not offer advice regarding taxation or Centrelink implications of any scholarships received by learners.

To find out more about the scholarships and how they can assist students completing their course of study, please contact your local campus.