Providing Correct Identification

Identification Requirements

Below we detail what identification you will need to provide for your enrolment to be complete as well as any additional identification that may be required if you wish to apply for the VET Student Loan scheme. It is very important that you upload the relevant ID with your enrolment form to ensure your enrolment is complete. It is recommended you scan or take high resolution photos of your documents to upload. You may prefer to send copies of your ID documents through the post. They must be certified. You will not be able to access any subjects until all ID has been received and verified.

Please note that your VET Student Loan eCAF must be submitted prior to the census date of the first Unit of Study that you wish to apply to the loan scheme.

ENROLMENT - We require an official photographic ID that shows your full name, birth date and photo. Examples of an official photographic ID include:

  • Drivers licence
  • Learners permit
  • Proof of age card / student ID card
  • Australian Passport

VET STUDENT LOAN - We require the official photographic ID needed for your enrolment AND proof of Australian citizenship. Proof of Australian citizenship can include:

  • A birth certificate (or extract) showing you were born in Australia or New Zealand (one of your parent’s Australian birth certificate or Australian Citizenship certificate will also be required if you born after 20 August 1986).
  • A certificate of Australian Citizenship
  • Passport

Further information about Australian citizenship requirements can be found through the Student eligibility for VET Student Loans document.