SA Subsidised Training


  • 1

    Step 1 – Eligibility Check

    AIE receive the VETRO Referral Part A from schools.

    Check here for all relevant details to help you complete the School Enrolled Students VET Referral 2023 (cognito form)

  • 2

    Step 2 – Entitlement Check

    AIE will review evidence from Part A and learner details from referral

    • School will be contacted with result and if a student is deemed eligible and entitled then the Upfront Assessment of Need (UAN) continues.
  • 3

    Step 3 – Assessment of Need

    • A support needs assessment is made using the Suitability and Support Needs Assessment Checklist as a guide
    • If the LSS provider needs to be involved for support, a referral is made
    • A booking time is made for a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN)
    • If significant gaps are identified with Literacy and Numeracy comprehension, then schools will be contacted and an agreement reached in regards to support.

  • 4

    Step 4

    • The parent/guardian or student (if over 18years) is emailed the course details and notifies the school who will contact AIE. If all parties agree then student is emailed the
      • Participant Agreement Form and an
      • AIE Enrolment Form