As a student studying the Bachelor of Game Development, you may be eligible for FEE-HELP loan to pay all or part of your tuition fees.

FEE-HELP is a loan from the Australian Government for eligible higher education students to pay tuition fees. You cannot use it for accommodation, laptops, or textbooks. FEE-HELP is one of the options you have to pay for tuition fees. You can read about the other options students have to pay their fees on our payment options page.

The Australian Government has a website for students with detailed information about FEE-HELP that we recommend you read.


Detailed eligibility information for students wishing to access FEE-HELP can be found on the FEE-HELP Page on the Study Assist website.

To get a FEE-HELP loan, for the Bachelor of Game Development at AIE Institute you must:

  • be one of the following:
    • an Australian citizen who will study at least one unit of your course of study in Australia; or
    • a New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV) holder who meets the long term residency requirements and who studies the entire course while living in Australia; or
    • a permanent humanitarian visa holder; or an eligible former permanent humanitarian visa holder; who studies the entire course while living in Australia
    • an Australian permanent resident can get FEE-HELP for approved bridging studies
  • be enrolled in the Bachelor of Game Development at AIE Institute by the census date
  • submit the Request for FEE-HELP loan form by the census date
  • have an available HELP balance
  • provide AIE Institute with your Unique Student Identifier (USI) prior to the first census date (for new enrolments from 1 January 2021) unless an exemption applies
  • maintain a completion rate of 50 per cent or above to continue to be eligible for FEE-HELP
  • not undertake more than 2 years' worth of higher education study in the last 12 months

More Information

For more information about eligibility or applying for FEE-HELP, please contact your local AIE campus.