Introduction to Maya

Using Maya for the first time

In this guide we will walk you through your first few moments with Maya, which is one of the main tools used in the game and VFX industry.

Maya can be tricky to wrap your head around if using it for the first time with no guidance. Have no fear! We are here to get you on your way. This starter guide has been designed to step you through the basics, so you can develop your understanding of what is involved in creating 3D art. It’s going to be tempting to rush through these 3 parts but taking it nice and slow will make sure that you understand.

First thing you are going to want to do is download a copy of the student trial for Maya. Head to and create a free account to download Maya.

This intro to Maya has been broken up into 3 parts:

Upon completing the three parts above, try using the skills you have learnt to make a robot character. Remember to keep it nice and simple while you are beginning. The more characters, props and environments you make the better and faster you will become.

We want to see your work. Use the hashtag #AIEtutorial to show us what you make!

Want to boost your skills even further?

We have both short courses and full-time courses to help make you industry ready: