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Online Campus Day!

Online Campus Day Livestreams runs from 1pm to 3pm today:

Teachers will be running through each of the courses and associated career paths. You can ask questions via live chat!

Useful Links

  • Introduction

    Isaac Iozzi & Natalie Cassar, Event Hosts

    Introduction to AIE Online Campus Day and your presenters.

  • Welcome

    Lea Michael, Head of School

  • AIE Overview

    Natalie Cassar

    Discover the range of courses at AIE, career pathways we support as well as the opportunities for graduates in industry.

  • 3D Art for Games / VFX for Film Overview

    Emma McIntosh, 3D Art Trainer

  • Game Design & Production Overview

    Rhys Bartholomew, Game Design Trainer

  • Game Programming Overview

    Dr Mike Cooper, Game Programming Trainer

  • Filmmaking

    Dan Sanguinetti, Film Trainer

  • AIE Degrees

    Matt Sallis, Events Officer Team Leader

  • GDML

    Chad Habel, Director of Marketing

  • Alumni Speaker

    RepairFour Interactive

  • How To Get Started

    Where to go from here? Isaac Iozzi covers the next steps you can take to kick-start your journey into games and visual effects.

  • Live Q&A

    Hosted by Isaac and Natalie, Featuring You the Viewer!

Livestream starts 1pm AEST, Saturday 26th August 2023


To participate in the chat room please view this event on YouTube