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Online Campus Day!

Online Campus Day Livestreams runs from 1pm to 3pm today:

Teachers will be running through each of the courses and associated career paths. You can ask questions via live chat!

Useful Links

  • Introduction

    Isaac Iozzi & Matthew Sallis, Event Hosts

    Introduction to AIE Online Campus Day and your presenters.

  • Welcome

    Lea Michael, Head of School

  • AIE Overview

    Isaac Iozzi

    Discover the range of courses at AIE, career pathways we support as well as the opportunities for graduates in industry.

  • 3D Art for Games / VFX for Film Overview

    Emma McIntosh, 3D Art Trainer

  • Game Design & Production Overview

    Rhys Bartholomew, Game Design Trainer

  • Game Programming Overview

    Dr Mike Cooper, Game Programming Trainer


  • Filmmaking

    Dan Sanguinetti, Film Trainer


  • Start your own studio

    Neil Boyd, Director of Marketing

  • Alumni Speaker

    Saxon Hutchinson, Kite Shield Interactive

  • How To Get Started

    Where to go from here? We cover the next steps you can take to kick-start your journey into games and visual effects.

  • Live Q&A

    Got a question? AIE’s helpful teachers and staff from our campuses all around Australia have the answers.

Livestream starts 1pm AEST, Saturday 3rd December 2022


To participate in the chat room please view this event on YouTube