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Browser Games to AAA Titles: Becoming a Game Designer with Myles Blasonato | AIE Workshop

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Workshop Description

Myles Blasonato, our latest Game Design teacher speaks to us about his extensive industry experience and how he discovered his passion for teaching. 

Presenter Profile

Browser Games to AAA Titles: Becoming a Game Designer with Myles Blasonato Profile Image | AIE Workshop

Myles was a proud AIE Alumni, having graduated AIE in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Games Development. Since graduating, Myles went on to become an industry veteran specialising in mobile and browser games.  

Skilled in both Design and Programming, Myles then went onto inspire the next generation of games developers through a career in teaching. In his spare time, he also dabbles in film and screenwriting, having many of his projects featured in various film festivals. 

Workshop Details

Date Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
Start Time 5:30 pm AEST
End Time 6:00 pm AEST

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