AIE now offers Autodesk Certification for Maya

AIE is proud to be accredited as the first facility in Australia to offer the Autodesk User Certificate for Maya, the industry benchmark standard..


Says Kim Allen, Lead Teacher for Screen & Media at AIE’s Sydney campus, “AIE has been able to offer this accreditation after working closely with Autodesk to develop our curriculum to satisfy them that we teach their software to the highest standard, and produce artists that have a solid understanding of their software.”


Allen says users will undertake a 50-minute exam to prove their competency with Maya. Previously, the exam was only available to be sat during the Autodesk University roadshow.


“If an employer can see that you have the Autodesk User Certificate, they can be confident that you know how to use the software,” says Allen.


“While having an Adv Diploma from an educational facility like AIE will give an artist credibility, having a certificate from the software manufacture itself can increase your exposure as a viable candidate for a position.”


Allen adds that the exam is not for everyone.


“It covers a broad range of Maya's usability,” he says, “But if you consider yourself a good Generalist then this certificate is a great way to stand out from the crowd of those that do not have it.”


For those interested in sitting the exam, the first sessions will be opening in January. Watch this space for session availability.