Online Experience Day

Online Experience Day - Sat 28th March, 2020

Considering a career in games, 3D or VFX?

This event has passed.

The next online event is Open Day, which is running online on 21st November.

If you have ever wanted to study 3D animation, game design or VFX for film online with AIE then our Online Experience Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more!

Course overview sessions will be running on the range of online courses in 3D animation, game art, game programming and game design offered by AIE. You will get to participate in workshops, guest speaker talks and much more. Have a question? Don’t worry, pop by and one of our friendly staff from AIE online will be more than happy to assist.

With classes starting all the time, starting your career as a game developer or 3D animator has never been easier. Register now for this FREE online event.


The Online Experience Day will start at 12:00 noon and finish at 3:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

  • Head of School Welcome

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    A warm welcome from the Head of School at AIE Online. As the game and film industry continues to grow significantly in Australia and internationally, online learning is becoming the best option for more people. This session will also cover Adobe Connect and the Online Campus learning environment. 12:00pm

  • AIE Courses and Career Pathways

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    General introduction to AIE including overview of the industry, brief AIE history & graduate success stories. 12:10pm

  • Game Art And Animation | White Icon For Circle


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    Artists create all the amazing graphics in the games you love to play and the films/animations you love to watch!

    They are responsible for creating the characters, environments, all the visual effects plus a range of other tasks that impact on the visual style and content we see in both games and film. . This session will provide a look at AIE's 3D Animation and VFX course as well as the Game Art and Animation course.


    As soon as we have confirmed our Industry Guest Speaker for this event we will let you know and update this schedule.1:00pm

  • Game Design | White Icon For Circle


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    Game Designers are instrumental in the development of the concepts, story and implementation of game play dynamics in video game production. These visionaries are vital in the development process. AIE's Game Design and Production teachers will be providing information on the content of this course. 1:30pm

  • Game Programming | White Icon For Circle


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    Programmers are the wizards of the future! Game programmers are instrumental when it comes to creating the framework, functionality and interaction in a game. 2:00pm

  • Final Presentation and Q & A

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    In this final presentation we'll be going over some important information about applying to study at AIE.

    We're also holding a Q & A session to cover anything that you didn't get an answer to. Got questions? We've got all the answers! What's the difference between Game Art and VFX? Game programming and design? AIE?


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    Thanks for coming to Online Experience Day! 3:00pm

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